CoolJor is an open online community dedicated to helping individuals and families moving to a new home, neighborhood, or city. Its goal is to provide fresh, updated information to anyone who needs it. This is why CoolJor is open to accepting contributions from its visitors and online community members.

Our priority is original content written by people with significant moving/relocation experiences. We believe that everyone who has a story or stories to tell deserves to be heard. These contributions will not only help us fulfill our promise to you, but they will also allow us to discover insights from individuals and groups who have similar intentions as CoolJor – to help make everyone’s moving experience a convenient and pleasant one.

We urge you to read through our guidelines for contributing writers.



As previously stated, CoolJor prioritizes original content. This means we will accept only contributions that you made. We do not allow copyrighted content or copy-pasted articles to be posted on our blog. We value originality. Every article or content you submit will be reviewed by a panel primarily tasked to check every contribution’s originality, accuracy, and quality. Here are additional guidelines you need to follow if you want to contribute to CoolJor:

  1. CoolJor will not post any copyright content. This includes articles, photos, and videos, among many others. Our content review panel will verify the originality of your contribution/s.
  2. Contributions should be related to moving and relocation. Content that intends to malign or destroy the reputation of an individual, group, product, or company is strictly prohibited here. Additionally, unfounded claims are also unacceptable.
  3. We require no specific format for written contributions, except that it be saved and submitted in Microsoft Word format. Likewise, no particular word count is required. Do not, however, submit novel-like written contributions (unless you are contributing a short story!).
  4. Always check your contributions before sending them. We value content quality.
  5. We accept contributions every week. You may submit multiple contributions, but we will not publish them all at the same time.
  6. Attach a recent photo of yourself, as well as a brief bio that we can post along with your contributions. You may use a pseudonym, but please do inform us what it will be.